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Formobond. Our leading brand in industrial adhesives.


Formobond (form-oh-bond) has Latin derivative –

Formo means to form, shape, fashion or Formobond means to form a bond – pretty much as it sounds!! 

The brand started life as Formolex years ago, then was updated to Formobond in 2018. Formobond is an industrial adhesive line, where the products actually make sense to the end-user, and we’re not just taking a one-size-fits-all approach. While some brands use other images to bolster their image, we’ve left it simple and let the name speak for itself – synonymous with awesome adhesion.

Formobond is all about adhesives and tapes, with each product and product category specifically tailored to meet the unique demands and innovations of the actual adhesive users themselves!


TensorGrip - All Industries

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TensorGrip. The best name in canister adhesive systems.

 Applichem has partnered with industry leader Quin Global to bring you TensorGrip canister adhesives.



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