Formobond T215 | Vehicle/Transportation Toolkit

What is it?

A structural acrylic adhesive tape for high bond applications.

What does it bond?

Bonds a wide variety of materials in the vehicle/transportation industry where permanent flexibility is needed, and where static load is high.

What are the benefits?

  • .045” thickness

  • Creates structural bond

  • Very flexible

  • High elongation

  • Instant high strength

  • Moisture, UV, and weather resistant

  • Very good anti-vibration properties

  • Similar or greater strength to tapes currently on the market

What sizes are available?

  • .25” x 36 yards

  • .5” x 36 yards

  • .75” x 36 yards

  • 1” x 36 yards

  • Other sizes available upon request

For best results, use of Formobond S228 primer to clean surface and promote adhesion is recommended.

Using Formobond S228 Surface Primer to Promote Adhesion

Formobond T215


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