At Applichem, we offer many different structural adhesives and sealants.

  • 2-Part Epoxy Adhesives

  • Methacrylate Adhesives

  • Urethane Adhesives

  • Single-Part Adhesives

  • Single-Part and 2-Part Sealants

  • And much more!

See below for some example applications.


Example Applications

  • Structurally bond composites and low surface energy materials in the marine industry (read more here!)

  • Panel bonding in movable wall partitions

  • Carpet tack strip

  • Sealing in utility truck bodies

  • Bonding trailer side panels, eliminating the need of mechanical fasteners (read more here or here!)

  • Stiffener bonding in transportation industry

  • Bonding and sealing livestock watering tanks

  • Many applications in the acoustical panel industry


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