At Applichem, we offer many different contact and spray adhesives.

  • Water-Based Adhesives

  • Solvent-Based Adhesives

  • Non-Flammable Adhesives

  • Flammable Adhesives

  • Urethane Adhesives

  • Low HAPs Adhesives

  • Low VOC Adhesives

  • Polystyrene-Safe Adhesives

  • And much more!

See below for some example applications. Learn more about canister system adhesives here!


Example Applications

  • Bonding foam to wood, metal, or vinyl for athletic equipment manufacturing

  • Bonding plastic laminate to wood in commercial cabinetry

  • EPS bonding for garage door panels

  • Various applications in the structural insulated panels, infusion molding, aircraft refurbishing, and acoustical panels industries


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Like we said, there are many other uses for contact and spray adhesives, contact us today to learn more!