At Applichem, we don’t view ourselves as an adhesive distributor. We view ourselves as an adhesive & tape ally.

What does this mean? To us it involves 2 parts:

First – it’s providing quality products at competitive prices and developing customized solutions specifically for you.

Secondly, and what is most important to us, is your customer experience. This means personalized service with timely responses. It involves taking the time to really learn and understand your company, your industry, and the specific challenges you may be facing. It includes constantly working to develop and bring you innovative products to reduce costs and improve your processes. It means we don’t just sell you our adhesives, but we stick with you for the long haul!

We work to accomplish this through a three-step process which we utilize with every ally, on every project, every time:

  • Consulting
  • Product Testing and Development
  • Customer Service and Follow-Up




We don’t have salespeople, we have adhesive consultants. As your adhesive & tape ally, it’s our job to guide you to the right solution. We are here to ensure you are completely comfortable with every aspect of your adhesive process, and we’ll work together with our allies to ensure you receive the proper training, equipment and adhesives for all of your adhesive needs.

We don’t just quote you a product. Whether it be an onsite visit or video call to view your process and application, or just a simple phone call, one of our experienced consultants will review your application, and the products that you are currently using.



Product Testing and Development

Once we have found out a bit about your application, we like to do some product testing before providing our final recommendations.

With our in-house lab and access to current innovative technologies, we will determine what product will best fit your need. Whether we conduct testing on one of our existing products, or develop a custom adhesive for your process, we will develop or reformulate products to ensure we’re providing you with the best solution!


Customer Service

Customer Service and Follow-Up

Customer Service has always been our number one priority, and still is!

You’re not just a customer, you’re an ally. Our staff is on call at any time to answer questions and take care of your needs. As an ally, you will have a dedicated representative from our team, who will both visit onsite (or virtually!) and phone regularly, to ensure you are being taken care of!

We aim to be an adhesive ally to each one of our customers. Whether it be guiding you through to an adhesive or tape solution, supplying your current adhesive needs, or assisting you in any other way, we are always ready and happy to help you out!