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Formobond® PC27 Sub Floor/Wall Panel Adhesive - Strength, Speed & Efficiency all in one!


Formobond® PC27 - Application

Formobond® PC27 - Comparison

Formobond® PC27 - Strength Test

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High Coverage

The pressurized canister system and adhesive formulas allow for more glue per canister and more effective dispensing, resulting in increased coverage from a smaller container!

Bond Immediately Icon

Superior Bond Strength

Polyurethane bonding strength provides stronger bond than most commonly-used adhesives in the industry!


 3_Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance Equipment

Canister system equipment requires little to no maintenance, making your job easier and lowering your running costs!


Decreased Install Time Icon

Quick & Easy Application

Quick, simple and easy-to-use system makes for an effortless application, with minimal set-up and take-down/clean-up time!

Portable System Icon

Portable System

Canister systems are entirely portable, and do not require an outside power source, meaning you can use these adhesive anywhere!

Ergonomic Icon


Easy-to-use system allows you to apply your adhesives whilst standing, therefore reducing stress on your back, knees and shoulders!



Fills Gaps (No Squeaking)

The foaming nature of this adhesive effectively fills gaps, resulting in a tighter, consistent and squeak-free bond!


8_Meets Standards

Meets ASTM Standards

Formobond® PC27 meets the ASTM standards required by the Manufactured Housing industry!


Technical Data

Appearance: Pale Yellow

Solids: 100%

Solvent/Base: Polymeric MDI

VOC Content: 0 g/L

Shelf Life: 15 months

Temperature Resistance: Shear adhesion failure greater than 400ºF (200ºC)

Coverage: THEORETICAL COVERAGE YIELD (calculated) of Large 22L Canister

With bead size of approx ¼ inch bead - up to 12,000 linear feet


Sizes: 7L canister, 22L canister



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