Formobond Structural Foam Tapes

Formobond structural foam tapes are very flexible, high strength double-sided tapes, that can withstand a wide range of weathering and temperature conditions, without losing adhesion. With their long-aging bond, which resists hardening or embrittlement, and contains shockproof and soundproof characteristics, these tapes are used for many different applications across a variety of industries. As well as being such versatile tapes, they can also be used to replace screws, riveting and welding.

For best results, use of Formobond S228 primer to clean surface and promote adhesion is recommended.

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Superior Bond Strength

Superior Bond Strength

Instant, high-strength bond can be used for many applications!



Long-aging bond resists a wide range of temperature and weather conditions!

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Quick & Easy Application

Instant strong but flexible bond makes for an effortless application!


Example Applications


Test Results

 Structural Foam Tape Dynamic Shear Test
Metal to Glass
Dynamic Shear Test
Metal to Metal

Accelerated Heat Aging (12 years)

Metal to Metal

 Formobond 73.1 psi 185.2 psi 438.6 psi
 Well-Known Brand 40.5 psi 132.6 psi 214 psi


Industries Served


General Industry Solutions  Display/Signage Solutions  Marine Solutions  Trailer Solutions  Vehicle/Transportation Solutions  Custom Solutions