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Urethanes vs MS Polymers

Urethane vs MS Polymer Sealants

Urethane sealants and MS polymer sealants are two sealants that are often pitted against each other. Urethane sealants use a urethane-based polymer system, whereas MS polymer sealants use a modified silane-based system. Both are used for bonding and sealing applications, across a wide variety of industries.

Urethane-based sealants are slightly better for tooling, but contain solvents and have a longer curing time. MS polymers, on the other hand, have 100% solids, contain no isocyanates or solvents, and have a quicker curing time. They have good workability, don’t shrink, and have excellent UV resistance – meaning they don’t go brittle over time. They’re permanently elastic, even at low temperatures, and have a stronger final bond strength than urethane-based sealants.

So which is the best sealant for the job? Ultimately it depends on the application – contact us and let us know your application and the substrates you’re bonding or sealing, and we would be happy to provide our recommendations!