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Adhesives vs Mechanical Fasteners

Structural Adhesives vs Mechanical Fasteners

Did you know…that you can actually use adhesives instead of mechanical fasteners?

In fact, structural adhesives, in particular, can actually be much stronger! They distribute the holding power along the entire bond line, unlike fasteners, which only distribute holding power wherever they are placed. Although adhesives can be a little messier, and some adhesives may have a slight odor, they result in a stronger bond, holding parts together much better than fasteners.

Structural adhesives are not just stronger, they have a whole range of benefits over against traditional methods such as using mechanical fasteners. Using adhesives is a more cost-effective process, and the process can be a lot quicker than welding or using fasteners, resulting in an increase of time-savings. Also, a lot less skill is needed to use adhesives, meaning pretty much anyone can do it. So not only can you have more confidence in your bonds, you can increase production and save costs while doing it!

Structural adhesives are used to replace mechanical fasteners and welding in manufacturing processes across various industries, from trailer manufacturing, to fiberglass manufacturing and much more!

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