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Acrylic vs Rubber-Based Tapes

Acrylic-Based vs Rubber-Based Tapes

Acrylic-based tapes are tapes that use an acrylic adhesive as a base, whereas rubber-based tapes are tapes that use a rubber adhesive as a base. Depending on your application, either type of tape can be a good solution!

Rubber-based tapes are cheaper than acrylic-based tapes, and have a better initial tack. They are generally used in indoor applications as they have lower performance in hot and cold temperature conditions, and are more susceptible to moisture, solvents and chemicals. Rubber-based tapes are best for non-structural bonding applications, and are especially good for bonding plastic materials.

Acrylic-based tapes generally cost more than rubber-based tapes and provide a durable, long-term bond. They are generally used in outdoor applications, as they perform well in extreme hot and cold temperatures and have a higher solvent, chemical and UV resistance. Acrylic-based tapes are best for structural bonding and waterproof applications, and work well on many substrates such as metal, wood and glass.

So which type of tape should you be using? It depends on your application! Contact us and let us know your application and the substrates you’re bonding – as your ally, we would love to guide you through to an adhesive/tape solution!